C&C Panel of Lawyers consist of notaries who practice in Multiple Judicial Zones in Sri Lanka offers the following services:

Title Search

  • C&C Team examines the relevant land registry in respect the land, the aim of which is to ascertain;
    the legal ownership of the prospective seller;
  • any other legal claims over the land;
  • the chain of legal title to the property over the last 30 years.


Drafting and Negotiation of all required deeds, contracts and agreements including the following

  1. Sales Agreements and Deeds of Transfer
  2. Mortgage Bonds
  3. Lease Agreements
  4. Tenancy Agreements
  5. Deeds of Declaration
  6. Deeds of Rectification
  7. Trust Declarations
  8. Deeds of Partition
  9. Deeds of Gift
  10. Condominium Declarations
  11. Advise on stamp duty payable

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