C&C Team at the C&C Debt Recoveries (Private) Limited understands that debt recovery is crucial to banks, financial institutions and all other corporate bodies. Our affiliate: C&C Debt Recoveries (Private) Limited, provides prompt and comprehensive services to enable recovery of debt using appropriate remedies/actions available under Sri Lankan Law to gain maximum recovery at a minimum time and cost.

Upon assigning the recovery task, C&C Litigation Team will promptly and efficiently attend with the recovery process by;

1. Address locating, Bank account locating and Asset locating through calling, Personal visits and Formal written communication with the objective of effecting a settlement in full or to arrange an amicable payment plan
2. Filing relevant entries at the Fraud Bureau and Police Stations where default of payment by cheques are involved
3. Sending Letters of Demand and Legal Notices
4. Negotiating on a Settlement Plan
5. Advising on the possible Types of Action
6. Filing Legal Action, Attending to pre-trial steps, trial until the time order is given by court is enforced

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