C&C understands that Strategic Intellectual Property (IP) Management, Innovation, Value Creation and Sustainable Competitive Advantage are key to the client’s success.
C&C offers a one-stop shop for all the IP requirements of the client (trademarks, industrial designs, domain names, copyright, patent protections etc) from registration to enforcement.

C&C provides advice across the life cycle of IP Assets;

1. Assist in Developing your IP regime
2. Registration
3. Assist in Commercialization
4. Renewal


C&C Team will protect your IP rights and defend your rights by:

1. Consulting on various issues of copyright law
2. Legal defence of rights of producers, publishers etc
3. Acquisition of patents for inventions
4. Legal assessment of trademark’s eligibility for state registration
5. Research into Trademark uniqueness
6. Drafting, negotiation and implementation of franchising agreements
7. Representation and advocacy of in litigations pertaining to intellectual property activity and disputes on confidentiality disputes
8. Legal defence of company names and trade marks
9. Cease and Desist Activities
10. Brand Protection
11. Representation at Inquiries Before Regulatory Bodies
12. Anti-counterfeiting Actions
13. Customs Actions
14. Civil and Criminal Litigation

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