C&C offers comprehensive support on the full gamut of legal requirements of domestic and foreign investments in and outside Sri Lanka, from the time of conception of an investment project, at every phase up to implementation and beyond with the following:

  1. Legal Due Diligence
  2. Assessment of the impact of the proposed project on the environment and community
  3. Structuring of financing for the proposed projects with banks, government authorities and other institutions
  4. Research into the legal status of any land related to the Project and Advise on possible ways of acquiring land
  5. Legal support for registration of title to real estate property
  6. Incorporation of Companies or registration of businesses in Sri Lanka
  7. Identification and evaluation of potential legal risks associated with the proposed project
  8. Legal support in the field of environmental law, sanitary restrictions and waste treatment
  9. Defense of title owner’s rights and interests including defense in litigation
  10. Drafting and negotiation of all contracts and agreements
  11. Support of insurance, risk management
  12. To establish a BOI (Board of Investment approved) Company to enjoy tax concessions and other privileges when investing in Sri Lanka

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