Flow of information is critical in today’s age of information. While information such as customer data, employee information, financial records, and other information could be transferred around the globe with speed and at less cost, now the businesses are also exposed to a range of risks. The risks have prompted legislation and regulation on preventing misuse of sensitive personal information worldwide. Breach of data privacy and unauthorized disclosure of information can lead to serious consequences such as heavy fines, injunctions and even criminal liability.
C&C Team advise clients to prevent reputation-wrecking media attention and loss of consumer trust and confidence by advising on sound privacy practices in compliance with regulatory and legal compliance and to retain competitive advantage by advising clients on:
1. The permissible limits of monitoring use of company electronic systems (e-mail and the Internet), video etc by employees
2. Methods of protecting the employees’ personal data that including company whistle-blowing policy
3. Data protection implications of direct marketing.
4. Document management policies
5. Financial privacy
6. Privacy litigation and data security breaches
7. Cross-border data transfer with cross-border restrictions and standard contractual clauses

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