Property and Construction
C&C advises on laws that govern and regulate the rights, liabilities and ownership of property in Sri Lanka and best practices adopted when buying, selling leasing land both privately owned and State owned. Innovative and efficient legal solutions are given to domestic and international clients in all types of real estate and construction projects in line with the business objectives of clients.
Our services include the following:

1. Land Transactions
2. Property Purchase, Property Management, Sales and Leases
3. Title Examination and Title Registration
4. Construction and Re-development Projects
5. Drafting and Negotiation of all required Agreements
6. Condominium Property Development Projects

Condominium Property Development Projects

C&C offers comprehensive legal support for condominium development projects including the following:
1. Registration of condominium plans, deeds of declaration, transfer deeds, rental agreements, leases, mortgages and other documents related to condominium property transactions in compliance with the Sri Lankan Laws including Apartment Ownership Law No. 11 of 1973 of Sri Lanka and the applicable international standards.

2. Drafting and Negotiation of all required contracts and agreements.

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