Every corporate body in the modern age of globalisation has accepted the prime importance and relevance of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Trustees of World Foundation (TOWF) initiated by C&C Group is a pioneering charitable organisation in Sri Lanka, entrusted with spreading and implementing the Concept of “Trusteeship” globally; that the Present Generation is a Trustee of the world’s natural resources, property, authority, position and responsibility for the benefit of the Future Generations.

Hence TOWF is committed to partner with corporate entities and implement corporate governance and CSR projects which benefit the local and world community, protect the environment and being act of responsibility and conscientiousness in leading the Future Generations to a better prosperous world.


  • Initial self-evaluation, on site audit & re-audit
  • Improvement; i.e. the development and implementation of a corrective action plan (CAP)
  • Transparency, accountability and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • Tools and strategies to deliver an effective, sustainable message
  • Tailor made reporting solutions to meet company’s unique needs
  • Developing Case studies and success stories of successful strategies

Connecting NGOs, CSOs and multilateral agencies to Corporations, Public Sector Undertakings, Government departments for joint strategizing and implementation of CSR projects.